Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. Photography for me is more than clicks on a digital camera. It’s about exploring historic processes for developing images, set building for unique backdrops, the creation of interesting lighting solutions, physical endurance during an 18 hour workday, the search for hidden stories, documenting time with friends climbing, traveling and meeting people, the smile on people’s faces when I present them my work, and much more. It’s also an especially interesting field to be entering into because of how much it has changed in the past decade, and how much it is going to advance in the coming years.

Due to the mass dissemination of the internet, television, smart phones, and digital cameras, today’s generation is the most visually sophisticated in human history. People know what the works of Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso and da Vinci look like; they grew up seeing photographs by Adams, Leibovitz, and McCurry. The styles of these artists are ingrained in our minds, and give us an incredible springboard from which to jump from to create and explore.

As a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time reviewing other photographer’s portfolios, analyzing what works, what comes off as cliché, and the different ways one can tell a story. What interests me, and what drives me is the creation of my own style. I want to capture stories and create unique images, just as any other photographer, but at the same time I want to do so with the best light possible. Photographers that inspire me are Cliff Mautner and Joe McNally.

My approach to sports photography is based in creative lighting and spending time getting outdoors with friends. My subjects are usually friends that I document during a day of rock climbing. In 2015 I was awarded first place in the Félix Ordóñez photography competition.

Apart from capturing images, I am dedicated to printing photographs with alternative processes. To read more about carbon prints, visit my website dedicated to alternative processes at